2 Layer Cardboard Making Machine

2 Layer Cardboard Making Machine

Parameter Application: Apparel, Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Food, Machinery & Hardware, Medical, Textiles Packaging Type: Belt, Cartons, Case, Film Packaging Material: Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood Automatic Grade: Automatic Driven Type: Electric Voltage: 380v Power: 60kw Model Number:...

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  • Application: Apparel, Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Food, Machinery & Hardware, Medical, Textiles

  • Packaging Type: Belt, Cartons, Case, Film

  • Packaging Material: Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood

  • Automatic Grade: Automatic

  • Driven Type: Electric

  • Voltage: 380v

  • Power: 60kw

  • Model Number: RD-DW268-1200

  • Dimension(L*W*H): 16*2.5*2m

  • Weight: 15t


  • Design speed: 40m/min

  • Design width: 1200mm

  • Suction fan type paper conveying belt wind speed adjusting device, maintaining a good flute shape at high speed operation

  • Gluing part for automatic, self-recycling glue supply

  • Immersion/closed gearbox lubrication, reduce noise, universal joint power transmission, vibration isolation, variable frequency main motor drive

  • Surface treatment of the rubber roller: engraving and chrome plating.

  • Adjustment of upper corrugating roller, pressure roller and rubber roller is controlled by pneumatic system

  • Upper/lower corrugated roller and pressure roller bearing, high temperature lubrication, keep running smoothly and lasting

  • The upper and lower corrugated rolls are made of 48CrMo alloy steel, heat treated by HRRC56-60 hardness, and the surface is ground. It can also be processed by slitting machine and carton making machine corrugated board machine.

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