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Basic knowledge of carton packaging

- Aug 08, 2017 -

The paper is mainly made of wood, bamboo pulp, straw with different fiber material. The thickness of the paper produced by the paper mill, or the construction of paper and paperboard. But the line is not strict, in general. Quantitative in 200 g / m or less or less than 0.1 mm thick collectively referred to as paper, at 200 g / m above the thickness of 0.1 mm or more, known as cardboard.


Quantitative paper, paper and paperboard weight is the weight of paper and paperboard in the weight per square meter called weight (g / ㎡) that allow each other to send or subtract 5%.

Measuring plate paper yuan "as a unit, each paper 500.

Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated board structure design is science, it's every aspect of the arched door, the other is like a ripple wave,

Support each other, forming a triangular structure strong and powerful, from the plane can also withstand the pressure, flexibility, the buffer force is strong,

Can play a role in the impact and protection of goods.

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