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Carton equipment in the printing carton equipment will be the reason for deinking phenomenon

- Aug 08, 2017 -

 Carton equipment printing presses in the printing process will appear deinking phenomenon, deinking ink in the ink fountain does not rotate with the fountain, but with the fountain axis separation, making the string roller, ink roller is not on the ink. Deinking, the ink will affect the normal ink transfer, so that the plate does not get the ink needed to fade, resulting in different prints ink color varies. Often appear to deinking, we will think of the ink viscosity is too high or ink bubbles and more problems, but the printing deinking is not necessarily the problem of ink, the printing plate may not be installed tight.

 Carton equipment printing presses in the printing process often appear deinking phenomenon, printing once the deinking will affect the production speed, but also cause color separation, cardboard pollution and other issues.

 Solution: Lock the printing plate, check regularly and clean work. Printing plate lock is not tight there will be printing glitches, color is not allowed to wait for the phenomenon, so in the production process must be printed version of the lock, and for the printing version of the key system focus on regular inspection and cleaning work to ensure that the lock version The normal use of the system.

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