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Composite cardboard production line

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Composite cardboard production line is mainly used to produce a certain width and a variety of thickness of the mounted cardboard, a full set of equipment from the paper machine, bridge conveyor, coating machine, bonding machine, compactor, dryer, cooling Machine, traction slitting machine, computer crosscutting machine, stacker, electrical control system and other components, mounted with way is divided into: two mounted production line, three mounted production line, four mounted production line; drying method is divided into: electric, steam or other methods. The production line of cardboard flatness is good, specifications arbitrary cutting, size accuracy, low cost, the production process without environmental pollution.

Cardboard applications:

Smoke, wine box, craft gift box.

Fine book cover, shirt lining.

In the high - end stationery, puzzles.

Luggage, leather goods, footwear lining.

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