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Corrugated board production line to buy the basic principles are as follows.

- Aug 08, 2017 -

First of all, to do the pre-buy market research work, which is the basis of corrugated board production line selection. Corrugated boxes enterprises must be well aware of the products produced by the enterprise, including the products of existing and prospective customers, as well as the products of future customers' needs. In addition, we must also understand the competitors, the region's peer equipment, customer groups and management of market research.

Second, we must take into account the corrugated board production line and after the processing equipment matching. After processing equipment is the key to the processing of corrugated boxes, including printing presses, veneer, die-cutting machine, Nien box machine, slot machines and nail me and so on. In the purchase of corrugated board production line, should take full account of the corrugated board production line and the processing equipment after the matching, so that the production equipment in the process of convergence convenient and flexible, the maximum degree of equipment performance, to achieve equipment automation, production Efficient purpose.

Third, we should pay attention to the overall coordination of corrugated board production line and matching. High-speed, high-quality corrugated board production line has become the focus of the current purchase of corrugated boxes, high-speed corrugated board production line matching principle is: to take into account the level of single-sided machine automation, more attention should be to the overall corrugated board production line Matching and coordination.

Fourth, we should focus on the choice of core components. When purchasing, it is necessary to carefully compare the core parts of the corrugated board production line, especially single-sided machine, corrugated roll, automatic paper feeder, original paper frame, flyover conveyor, coating machine, double-sided machine, cardboard drying Equipment, slitting machine and crosscutting machine, paste system and paper piling machine part, different manufacturers of corrugated board production line configuration is sometimes very different.

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