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Corrugated cardboard production line cutting thin knife and grinding wheel how to buy

- Aug 08, 2017 -

At present, China's many slitting thin knife manufacturer's slitting knife is generally divided into two categories: tool steel and hard alloy.

Tool steel cutting thin knife is divided into high-speed tool steel (commonly known as front steel), chrome steel (commonly known as die steel) and alloy tool steel. Tool steel cutting thin knife after quenching, although the Rockwell hardness difference of less than a few degrees, but because of the different composition of steel chemical elements, raw material prices and manufacturing costs vary greatly. Although the price is high, but because of its high temperature, toughness and unique red hardness and other characteristics, can keep the knife blade lasting sharp, compared with other tools steel cutting thin knife use performance is more superior, So there are still many companies choose.

Carbide cutting thin knife (commonly known as tungsten steel knife) is divided into tungsten cobalt and tungsten cobalt and titanium. Usually China's production of the blade for the tungsten cobalt class, the raw materials and manufacturing costs higher, high hardness, good wear resistance, long life, but no toughness, bending strength at the end, and expensive. Different cutting knife should be used with the corresponding grinding wheel, in order to ensure the life of cutting thin knife. The main raw material of the grinding wheel of the cutting tool steel is cubic boron nitride (CBN), which is called cubic boron nitride grinding wheel. The main raw material of the grinding wheel of the grinding cemented carbide is the diamond, For the diamond wheel.

In order to facilitate the user from the appearance of the direct judgment of the type of grinding wheel, the general will be different materials with different colors of the wheel logo. But the color of the wheel is only an auxiliary material, does not affect the grinding wheel grinding effect. At present, China's production of grinding wheels are green, iron red, black three colors, as the manufacturers of grinding wheel used raw materials, recipes and different processes, the production of the wheel color will have some differences, but the use of the same effect. General tools steel cutting thin knife with grinding wheel for the green, carbide cutting thin knife with grinding wheel for the iron red.

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