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How the operating principle of the composite machine and the operation method

- Aug 08, 2017 -

The first of the composite machine according to the direction of the line will be a variety of materials paved, and then adjust the agent in accordance with a certain proportion of the system to start heating when a certain temperature to reach the drive when the drive can start coating production The

Here to introduce the coating production, the first unwinding device substrate through the reticulate tape and then dry through the drying tunnel so that the coating is completed

The next project is compound: the EPC gas-liquid correction into the composite part, and with the second unwinding part of the substrate paste, to achieve a composite process.

The last is the cooling roll

 After cooling the volume to complete the overall production and processing of the substrate, the production should pay attention to the following issues.

(1) Adjust the flatness of the substrate by adjusting the position of the adjustment roller.

(2) Adjust the composite pressure between the composite rolls by adjusting the relative spacing between the two compounding rolls.

(3) by adjusting the clutch and brake tension clamp control substrate pulling tension and winding tension, so that the machine running smoothly, resulting in a good coating quality and composite effect.

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