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Industrial composite cardboard production line mechanical part of the functional characteristics

- Aug 08, 2017 -

1. Special structural design, excellent strength of the mechanical wall panels and base.

2. Using high precision, high hardness of the grinding gear, high speed, long life.

3. Special cut is also suitable for high-speed cutting, cardboard smooth without burr.

4. High precision cutter shaft, turret design, high-speed cutting is very smooth. Morning sun carton machinery

5. Special tune, tool change structure design; tune, tool change is very convenient, simple, fast.

6. The use of straight feed mode, improve the operating safety factor, sub-paper trimming knife, blade special design, swap knife is very convenient.

7. The name of the mechanical components are tight quality control, the assembly process more precision instrument calibration.

8. Easy to use, durable, long life is the mechanical characteristics.

9. Straight out of the machine using high-low-powered electric two-way (arbitrary adjustment) two four out of the device, easy to use paper easy to operate.

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