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Paper honeycomb packaging to replace the five major advantages of wood packaging

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Honeycomb cardboard is exempt from packaging materials, in the export of the box to save the pest control, reduce the clearance procedures, can completely satisfied with large, fine, single, small quantities of machinery and other packaging products. In combination, honeycomb packaging has the following advantages compared to log packaging.

1. Honeycomb paperboard using the original paper material through the automatic honeycomb paperboard processing, from the packaging recycling rate, it is far superior to the log packaging, honeycomb paperboard recycling rate of more than 95%, while the log packaging Only 70%.

2. From the material offer point of view, honeycomb board offer much lower than the wood packaging materials. From the box processing point of view, honeycomb cardboard molding machine can be used to replace the artificial, production efficiency is much better than the log packaging.

 3. Honeycomb cardboard packaging exports free fumigation, can be directly off, the procedure is simple; wood packaging is the demand for fumigation, improve the cost.

4. Honeycomb cardboard quality is light 1/3 of the logs, in terms of load from the point of view, honeycomb cardboard honeycomb structure, so that the force evenly, with excellent buffer damping capacity, load-bearing strength and logs almost, through the disposal, Even beyond the load of logs.

5. Honeycomb cardboard appearance, surface lubrication, easy to print text. Honeycomb packaging helps to enhance the company's brand and image.

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