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Product parameters of the web compound machine

- Aug 08, 2017 -

The web press machine is a composite of paper and PE film or paper and nonwoven fabric.

Technical parameters are as follows:

1, product specifications: 340 × 460mm;

2, folding form: W;

3, the width of raw materials: ≤ 460 × φ1000mm;

4, the production capacity: 240-300 tablets / min;

5, equipment power: 10kw;

6, embossing and electric heating (steel on the kraft roller, corrosion processing);

7, the folding error value of the allowable range of ± 4mm;

8, flower production, according to the sample processing;

9, PE film unwinding automatic tension control;

10, toilet paper unwinding, flat belt conveyor, AP125 variable speed wheel adjustment;

11, W fold the uniformity, with automatic correction control;

12, toilet paper with a material on the automatic feeding device;

13, automatic counting;

14, PE film, toilet paper roll shaft are air up shaft configuration.

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