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What are the precautions for paper cutter operation?

- Aug 08, 2017 -

1, the safety ground wire to be connected.

2, hands linkage button, the need to hold the hands of the knife has been holding down the knife switch, can not let go until the blade stops moving, press the paper back to the highest position, can release the hands switch.

3, push the paper system for the slotless dual guide rail, left and right is not easy to tilt, shift, but also should not pay a lot of impact force, impact pushing machine.

4, Cutter cutting drive system for electromagnetic clutch, gear reduction drive, usually pay attention to keep the gear box clean, if there is paper dust fall, should be promptly cleaned.

5, the electromagnetic clutch is carbon brush transmission, cutting workers before work should check the carbon brush wear and transmission situation.

6, pay attention to often in the push rod screw parts refueling, if possible every quarter of a screw nut gap investigation.

7, knife back rod after strengthening the design, bar bushing for the top, the choice of oil-free bearings (copper-based mosaic composite bearings, in the case of non-refueling can be subject to great load, copper is centrifugal casting processing, hardness hb245, Kill!) Maintenance is simple, as long as the occasional squeeze from the knife blade on the line of lubricating oil on the line (nozzle in the back), the lower rod with powder metallurgy bushing, plus drip type oil cup, long life, bearing capacity.

8, the hydraulic system for the reference to the German Pola knife system design and production, the system is stable. Because the working environment is bad, the machine hydraulic system valve will occasionally clog, resulting in pressure does not press the press, if there is no pressure on the press does not pan failure, in accordance with the instructions required to remove the valve cleaning.

9, the clutch gap should also be often concerned about the surface of the brake shoe can not have oil, if oil, you should consider the source of oil, if the flywheel on the back of the fuel caused by too much, it should be told that the operator stopped the flywheel filling lubricants , If the front gear is too much oil storage, it should stop refueling, and clean the oil pool.

10 The operator releases the knife switch at any time, and the blade stops immediately.

11, often check the encoder, forward and backward switch of the intact, reliable. Hydraulic system is more sensitive to hydraulic oil, please press the instructions required to add lubricants, the general use of 68 in summer, the use of 46 wear-resistant hydraulic oil in winter, the replacement of hydraulic oil should pay attention to clean the oil pool.

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