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What is the glue machine?

- Aug 08, 2017 -

A machine used to apply a mortar to the surface of a textile. There are:

(1) Horizontal coating machine or double acting coating machine. The textile is coated with a layer of film by the slit between the glue knife and the work roll, and then the solvent is evaporated and the remaining layer is evaporated by the steam heating platform ;

(2) a drum-type coating machine. There is a steam-heated hollow metal drum instead of drying table;

(3) Vertical or tilting riser. After the textile is soaked in the mortar, the excess glue on the surface is scraped off by the knife and the pressing roller, and the solvent is evaporated by the vertical or inclined drying table. Floor;

(4) desktop coating machine is through the pressure of glue or paint and other coatings sprayed onto the material.

The equipment uses a three-axis coating machine linkage, automatic operation, at the same time with a computer programming control path spraying. Spraying thickness and time can be set, easy to operate.

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