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Computer Crosscutting Machine Is More Efficient

- Aug 08, 2017 -

  Computer crosscutting machine is controlled by computer, according to the set length, control the knife shaft operation cut off the cardboard, combined with the mechanical part of the precision drive, can cut the paper control error in the range, the work more accurate.

  Computer cross-cutting machine with a new generation of computer systems, excellent performance, trouble-free running a long time; transmission using lubrication pump cycle lubrication, do not always monitor, to ensure adequate lubrication; gear all refined steel refining, Smooth, low noise; knife seat structure is advanced, easy to adjust the knife shaft by static moment balance processing, smooth operation.

  The computer cross-cutting machine is particularly suitable for three, five, seven corrugated board production line, the production rate of up to 180m / min, cutting length of 500-9999mm, cutting accuracy for the speed of non-speed. Better performance, more convenient to use.

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