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Corrugated Board Manufacturing

- Aug 08, 2017 -

 At present, China's production of corrugated board and corrugated box equipment in general there are three categories. One is the traditional stand-alone. Is a corrugated paper forming a corrugated paper machine to the surface of paper, paper, paper and corrugated corrugated paper to form a glue machine, to complete the corrugated board manufacturing process. And supporting the manufacture of corrugated boxes And corrugated equipment, but also to complete the ingredients, cutting, printing, splicing, cutting, slotting and forming process. The whole stand-alone assembly line equipment, process links, product quality is not good control, high consumption.

 The other is a single-sided corrugated machine, the first to produce a single corrugated cardboard, and then through a single glue truck for processing, manufacturing into a different structure and corrugated board.

 Single-sided corrugated machine is a reel bracket, single-sided corrugated machine and rotary bracket cutter from the combination of semi-automatic production line. It has high efficiency, good product quality, adaptability and so on.

 Another is the use of corrugated cardboard automatic continuous production line to complete. A variety of equipment will be the entire corrugated board production process organically combined to make it continuous production. The traditional method of production of more units is not only high production efficiency, low labor intensity, but also centralized control, simple, safe and low noise. The most important thing is to produce high quality corrugated board. Leng type, waveform shape specification is reasonable, standardized. With this equipment to produce a corpse paper chess every opponent made the packaging container shape neat, beautiful, smoothness is good. Appearance and physical properties are better than stand-alone or combination of single-line production line products.

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