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Cutter Blade Precautions

- Aug 08, 2017 -

 1, the replacement of the knife

 As a result of the use of high efficiency plane enveloping worm gear reducer, its own no self-locking, the main motor to stop cutting the tool selector switch to the tool change position, the drive has lost the brake, the fuse has lost protection, The bed may be in a quiescent state, which may seriously endanger the safety. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm that the knife bed is reliable and that it can be operated under the blade.

 For the cutter, first turn off the main motor, wait about 2 minutes, and confirm that the drive belt is completely stopped after the two wooden tool changer under the blade, the switch panel on the cutting tool selector switch Change the tool position "", the tooling function selection switch must be in the cutting position, with the sleeve to rotate the pulley end nut, the blade connection screw all removed, and then use the hex wrench to push the hanging device in about 4MM, Knife device brake disengagement, rotating the hanging device so that the blade smoothly on the two wooden tool changer, fitted with two tool change handle, remove the blade, pay attention to hold the blade to prevent overturning wounding.

 Remember: 1, to confirm the purpose of the operation, do not mistake or malfunction button.

 2, do not put the arm under the knife bed and press

 Cut the knife

 First confirm that the main motor start button is stopped and confirm that the main motor pulley is at rest, insert the blade with the blade on the tool changer, and then push the knife with the blade to push the knife before the knife bed blade Place the cutting tool selector switch on the right end of the tool change position, press the blade connection screw and tighten it, and then loosen the tool on the tool changer. 2 handle, remove the tool changer, install the rest of the blade to connect the screws and tighten.

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