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Industrial Cardboard Production Line Process

- Aug 08, 2017 -

First, the pressure roller set

 In order to prevent the broken line, after a number of carton equipment production plant research, the choice of the ideal "mountain word" pressure line wheel, processing line of the wheel in use, according to cardboard corrugated corrugated differentiated, can not be confused.

 General three-layer paperboard pressure roller with three concave and convex, five cardboard with five concave and convex type. But in the actual production for the A-type corrugated wheel, for the B-and AB-type also has a good effect, corrugated AB-type crimping wheel for ABC tile seven cardboard is also very effective, and ABC for AB type is also effective, so according to corrugated cardboard corrugated and base paper situation selected pressure line wheel.

Second, the pressure line rupture of several issues

(1) The combination position of the crimping wheel is misaligned

 In order to accurately install the pressure roller, usually in the processing of pressure wheel when there are 1mm in the slotted, with the bad not only the pressure line rupture and box combination when the edges and corners are not good, Overlapping phenomenon, resulting in carton defects.

(2) secondary rolling pressure problem

 The upper and lower crimping rollers are not as good as the indentation of the indentation machine, but both the productivity and the economy are difficult to compare. So to make the industrial cardboard production line longitudinal indentation of the paper machine up and down the pressure wheel indentation to or near the edge of the magnetic line indentation, need to be in the paperboard indentation machine before and after the two crimping were installed on the pressure roller, cardboard After the first rolling line for the pre-rolling indentation line, change the indentation of the corrugated board structure, and then the second rolling indentation line, the first pre-pressure slightly lower than the second rolling pressure, so Can achieve good edges and corners.

(3) upper and lower pressure roller gap is too small

 According to the thickness of the cardboard corrugated and cardboard adjustment of the upper and lower pressure roller gap to maintain a reasonable pressure strength, such as the pressure line strength is too small, although it will not cause pressure line rupture, but in the carton combination must be excessive folding box cover, The phenomenon of cracking occurred, this phenomenon occurred in the production of low-grade paperboard cardboard.

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