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The Maintenance Method Of The Printing Press

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Provide suppliers of these maintenance materials to:

First, its products can reduce the number of mechanical damage to extend the mechanical life;

Second, to provide multi-functional design of the product line, in addition to adapt to more mechanical use requirements, but also reduce the customer unnecessary excess inventory;

Third, to teach customers to avoid the wrong use of maintenance materials;

Fourth, so that customers simplify the procurement procedures, thereby streamlining management procedures, saving valuable human resources;

Fifth, the regular maintenance of sufficient product inventory, save manufacturers to order goods when the bitter Hou time and to avoid the use of the general "temporary substitute" and made the risk of downtime;

Sixth, through a reputable supplier network, to provide a long-term and stable supply channels, with customers around the demand for quality products and services. The same time as

The maintenance of presses and their associated equipment includes:

Lubricants: such as snow oil, chain oil, pressure gear box oil. The same time as

Cleaning agents: such as after cleaning agents, ink roller cleaning agents, tubing and oil cleaning agents. The same time as

Anti - rust agent: for the cutter and the knife anti - rust lubrication.

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