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The Maintenance Of The Computer Crosscutting Machine Should Be In Place

- Aug 08, 2017 -

  Computer crosscutting machine is widely used in trademarks, cigarette labels, calendars, jugs, poker, Zhisu printed composite materials, horizontal or vertical shear. Has now become an important equipment for corrugated board production line. Computer crosscutting machine usually need to do maintenance measures in order to improve efficiency.

  First, the daily maintenance to be in place, the principle is that lubrication should be in place, clean to timely, clean up to do clean, no debris, to ensure that the computer cross-cutting machine in a good state of sliding.

  Second, the maintenance work, the rotation of the parts to be regular and irregular inspection. The implementation of regular adjustments, regular replacement.

  Third, the configuration is high, it is recommended to use high-quality longitudinal cutter and cross-cutting knife, which can not only improve production efficiency, and high precision with the knife will not damage the equipment.

  Fourth, the computer cross-cutting machine control to hand operation, not unauthorized operation, but also to improve the technical level of the operator to reduce man-made damage factors.

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