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What Is The Working Principle Of The Carton Nail Machine?

- Aug 08, 2017 -

In the set into a cardboard by the technician according to the thickness of the cardboard, set the set pressure, according to the length of the cardboard, thickness adjustment nail box support frame width;

When the thickness of the cardboard is too thick, the staff should be arranged to appropriate the appropriate thinning, so that when the paper is no longer loose;

According to the requirements of the production notice to be set, the nail should be along the lap part of the midline nail, skew not more than 3mm.

Nail distance uniform, the first and last tail from the upper and lower line 20mm, single nail distance of not more than 55mm, double nail distance is not greater than 75mm.

Process leader and monitor can take a carton, respectively, the product of the first inspection, check the carton on the natural light, the main things to note are as follows:

Nails should be fixed prison, set through, not a stack of nails, nails, Alice nails, broken nails, song nails, no corner and so on;

Nail box when the two pieces of billet should be aligned, shall not appear scissors;

The difference between the two diagonal lines on the top of the carton is less than or equal to 1000mm. If the difference between the two corners of the corrugated carton is not more than ± 2mm, the double corrugated carton is not more than ± 4mm, Size greater than 1000mm carton top two diagonal difference of not more than 5mm single carton carton diameter deviation of not more than ± 3mm, double corrugated box is not greater than ± 5mm.

Box angle hole diameter of not more than 4mm2, and shall not have a clear angle, outside the lid from the joints or joints may not be greater than 2mm.

Nail box shall not be inverted nail phenomenon, yin and yang face, variety, specifications inconsistent two pieces of billet shall not be wrong together.

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